My photography roots lie in documentary; I have a passion for telling and sharing peoples stories – real, honest & heartfelt, but at the same time, with elegance, beauty and joy.

I am a visual storyteller, with a big love for experiencing the world and the people in it. I am inspired by the idea that an image has the ability to capture the depth and essence of a person, or the feelings of an experience that was lived and felt.

And so I approach my photography with this in mind, because to me, photography is about capturing people and relationships, the big or the incidental moments that unfold, and reliving them eternally through an image.

I feel incredibly grateful that my work sees me always on the road, working both Interstate and Internationally as Portraiture and Wedding Photographer. Through your story, I tell mine. So just keep living and loving, and it will be my total pleasure to document the journey along the way!